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September 2014

Djinn Animation

I had the idea that the the djinn surrounds its “lamp” with its own smokey spirit and that the “lamp” is it’s skull.

Rub the skull.

Also wanted to go with a triad motif, since the whole three wish thing (ie three horns on top and bottom, three nose top, three bottom piercings, three earings)

September 2014
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Art Prints by Nicole Dorosh 


Just in case nobody was aware

July 2014
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Hi there! As I’m currently still unemployed I’m opening commissions for a while to see if I can make some extra living money (loans uggh).

Just some extra info, with every purchase you get one free major revision at any stage, after that for each major revision it’s $5 extra.

I’ll confirm with you the basic layout of the piece to make sure it’s all good, at the sketch stage any minor tweak won’t count as a revision.

For each work these base prices are for one character or figure, for extra figures there will be extra charge depending on how much more work will go into the piece. Backgrounds besides a basic color are also extra depending on complexity. 

If you have any questions contact me at nicodoroart@gmail.com

Prints of my work are also available at INPRNT

July 2014
Another Link, color and anim test 

Another Link, color and anim test